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United States of America Transactional Analysis Association


The transaction analysisness of transactional analysis therapy on personality states, self-esteem and clinical symptoms of people with emotional breakdown. Journal of Psychological Models and Methods, 2, 1–20. When considering mental health treatment options, accessibility issues can become a hindrance. Some people are unable to receive traditional, in-person therapy because it is difficult for them to travel, it is hard to find therapists nearby, in-person therapy is expensive, or some other limitations.


The results showed that the majority of https://www.bookstime.com/ were at low levels of self-esteem before implementing the group-training program, which is consistent with the findings of many studies. Considering the rapid increase in the number of women prisoners, many studies have been conducted to understand their unique needs. Women are often integral to families and the community health depends on them to a large degree, but many of them are faced with numerous unsolved problems and conflicts. Consequently, women’s misbehaviors and faults can threaten the stability and firmness of families .

TA Insights: Janice Dowson TAPI

TypeExamplePunisher’s threatEat the food I cooked for you or I’ll hurt you.Self-punisher’s threatEat the food I cooked for you or I’ll hurt myself.Sufferer’s threatEat the food I cooked for you. Outside the therapeutic field, it has been used in education to help teachers remain in clear communication at an appropriate level, in counselling and consultancy, in management and communications training and by other bodies. Transactional analysis integrates the theories of psychology and psychotherapy because it has elements of psychoanalytic, humanist and cognitive ideas.


Coined by Eric Berne to reflect the roots in psychoanalysis and the transactions that are the target of the therapy. MT, SM, JF, and BP contributed in the research design. The data were collected, analyzed, and interpreted by MT and JF.

Inner Child Quotes

Since the majority of the external events experienced by a child are actions of the parent, the ego state was appropriately called Parent. Note that events perceived by the child from individuals that are NOT parents (but who are often in parent-like roles) are also recorded in the Parent. When Transactional Analysts refer to the Parent ego state , it is capitalized. “I” messages are a very powerful communication tool modeled on T A and taken a step further. There is a basic assumption that most communicators will be adults and will want to be adult communicators.

  • In transactional analysis, the communicator is taught to alter the ego state as a way to solve emotional problems.
  • It should be noted that this approach was profoundly different than that of Freud.
  • Techniques of TA were designed to promote the independence and self-direction using one’s knowledge, self-motivation, and resources as an adult to solve problems .
  • As grown-ups, we still pursue these same patterns at times.
  • TheRedecision School – developed by Bob and Mary Goulding who integrated TA withGestaltto make a powerful, vibrant means of personal change.
  • But it is always our own decision whether to conform to these pressures.

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